New Years Eve 2000 - 2001

Lancaster, NH 


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Pat Kelly ( Lancaster Town Manager) instigated the use of Bunker Hill Street for some sledding like the good old days! Hurrah! The kids had a great time.
I was experimenting with a new lighting device for long distance shots. This was taken from about 50 feet with 10 to 1 zoom. It was gently snowing. The flash caught the snowflakes in some of the shots.


What comes down must trudge back up!

The sidewalk proved to be slicker than the street, so sledding was changed to walk up the street, zoom down the sidewalk.
At about 8 PM the Bonfire was lighted at Colonel Town Field... One way to dispose of Christmas trees!

Candy Bar bingo was played in the basement of the Catholic Church.


Joe and Lena of the Lancaster Motor Inn toasted in the New year and wish you all happiness and prosperity!

A skating party was well attended at the skating rink.

Also there was a Scrabble tournament at the Weeks Memorial Library and a dance at the Town Hall...

All in all a fun night to usher in the new year! index

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