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Most weekends in the summer there are several auctions within the area.

Pick up a Coos County Democrat, Berlin Reporter, Colebrook News and Sentinal or a Caledonian Record, most auctions are advertised in them.

There's little more interesting than a country auction. You get a chance to see the trappings of country life on display and what people are willing to pay for them. If you're really lucky you'll get to go to an old farmstead. The local people attending this kind of auction are the "real people" of the area, mostly descendants of the early settlers. You will get to hear the real twang of local accents. If you've never been to an auction before, you will have to listen real close depending on the auctioneer. Some spiel a mile a minute in a rollicking, lyrical voice that can sometimes hold you spellbound. If you want to be able to bid on items, you'll have to approach the cashier and get a bidding card. This will have a number on it to identify you. If you get a bidding card, be careful of your bodily movements. You might end up owning something because of scratching an itch or swatting a fly!

(Just kidding! It's really not true, just an old wives tale!) As you watch the crowd, you may notice the small body movements signifying a bid by people the auctioneer is familiar with. A raised eyebrow here, a nod there, a quick movement of a finger across the tent. Bring along a folding chair if you want to be comfortable, and come early if you want to poke around things at the viewing, then have a good spot.