127. Joel Robinson WHEELER (photo) was born on Oct 5 1893 in Calais, VT. He died on Jun 6 1982 in Berlin VT in a nursing home.. Died of Arterio Sclerotic Heart Disease due to chronic bro.. syndrom,
Arthritis, Pneuninitis, etc.
(Had demenita or Alzeimer's?) He was buried in Plainmont Cem., East Montpelier, Washington, Vt. Worked in G.E. Mann's store in Calais, VT and C.P. Dudley's store in
East Montpelier, VT. In 1916 he worked at Berry-Ball Company Store in
St. Johnsbury, and then in the war moved back to his family farm in
Calais. Then moved to Montpelier and worked at Vermont College for 18
years before retiring. Next bought a house in West Bolton, VT.

He was married to Hilda BRAZIER (daughter of Arthur James BRAZIER and Elizabeth Ann HOLLAND) on Oct 9 1916. Hilda BRAZIER was born on Oct 19 1896 in 94 Chapel St., Ilkeston, County of Derby, England. She was baptized on May 4 1897 in Parish of Ilkeston, County of Derby, Gotham, Nottingham, England..(56) Baptized Methodist. Certificate a true copy from the Primitive
Methodist Register Book of Baptism at Gotham at Nottingham 1st
Circuit. She died on Dec 4 1990 in Burlington, VT, in Mary Fletcher Hospital. She was buried in Plainmont Cem., East Montpelier, Washington, Vt. !source: Vt. V.R. card gave birth place as "Ilhiston", but is mostly
likely Elston which is near Bingham & Screveton
Note from Ed Sanders:
The above spellings of Ilkeston, county of Derby, are all wrong. Here
is the exact info from her birth certificate:
CE 187628 B. Cert. S.R.
Number: 160
When and where born: Oct. 19, 1896, 94 Chapel St., Ilkeston, U.D.
Name: Hilda Father: Arthur James Brazier Mother: Elizabeth Brazier,
formerly Holland. Profession of father: general labourer.

She sailed to America from Liverpool on the ship Britannic, departed
on May 12th, 1897, number 5 on the manifest. Her health inspection
card was punched ten times for each day by the ship's surgeon.

Town Clerk on Marriage License, Clark Sibley, East Montpelier. Joel Robinson WHEELER and Hilda BRAZIER had the following children:

child+141 i. Mary E. WHEELER.
child+142 ii. Merton WHEELER.
child+143 iii. Margaret WHEELER.

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