59. Deborah Daphne CURTIS (6) was born on Aug 13 1817.

She was married to Lemuel H. TABOR between Nov 1837 and 1837. Deborah Daphne CURTIS and Lemuel H. TABOR had the following children:

child+76 i. Ellen Mary TABOR.
child77 ii. Florence Minerva TABOR was born on Aug 3 1843. She died on Feb 10 1853.
child78 iii. Lelia Estelle TABOR was born on May 11 1848. She died on Aug 21 1851.
child79 iv. Edna Jennette TABOR was born on Aug 31 1853. She died on Nov 3 1870.
child80 v. John Murray TABOR was born on Apr 30 1858.

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