38. Deborah DOTY was born on Jan 26 1779 in Rochester, MA. She died on Apr 27 1854 in Elmore, VT..

She was married to Philip SPARROW on Jan 8 1802. (41) Philip SPARROW was born on Apr 9 1770. He died on Jan 30 1827 in Harmony, Clark Co., OH. Deborah DOTY and Philip SPARROW had the following children:

child62 i. Orlando F. SPARROW was born on Aug 4 1803 in Randolph, Vt.
child63 ii. Philura SPARROW was born on Jan 9 1806 in Montpelier, VT. She died on Jan 31 1808.
child+64 iii. Deborah Daphne SPARROW.
child+65 iv. Philip Solon SPARROW.
child+66 v. Abner Doty SPARROW.
child+67 vi. Rhoda Philura SPARROW.

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