67. Rhoda Philura SPARROW was born on Jul 19 1816 in Plainfield, VT.

She was married to Theophilas Jr. CLARKE (son of Theophilus CLARKE and Susanna ELLIS) on Apr 10 1839 in Montpelier, VT. Theophilas Jr. CLARKE was born on Apr 29 1802 in Montpelier, VT. Rhoda Philura SPARROW and Theophilas Jr. CLARKE had the following children:

child+93 i. Orlana CLARKE.
child+94 ii. Orlando CLARKE.
child+95 iii. Fannie Maria CLARKE.
child96 iv. Charles CLARKE was born on Mar 6 1847. He died on Jun 28 1850. Scalded to death.
child97 v. Theophilas III CLARKE was born on Jun 4 1849.
child98 vi. Betsy Miller CLARKE was born on Sep 29 1851.
child99 vii. George Henry CLARKE was born on May 30 1854.
child100 viii. Elsie CLARKE was born on Oct 15 1858.

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