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Profile House Fire - 1923

 Franconia Notch New Hampshire


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A 360 degree view from the top of Cannon Mountain

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Franconia Iron Furnace - Most of the Trees in the Area Cut for Charcoal Fuel

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 Most of the old pictures here are from a photo album of the personal collection of Murray Glines. Murray has Israel's River Trading Post (antique shop) on Main Street in Lancaster. Murray is a direct descendant of Israel Glines, one of the first explorers of northern New Hampshire. Israel's River in Lancaster, Randolph and Jefferson is named after Israel Glines.

 Scenes of the fire which destroyed the Profile House in 1923. Fire broke out on the fifth floor in the rear.

Today (year 2000), the entire complex has been replaced by the parking lot for the tram and by the rest area. There are still a few foundation remains to be seen in the woods at the south end of the upper rest area parking lot.

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