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(Webmaster's note: You are enjoying a preview of Galleria Brazil. They will be able to respond to you soon via e-mail. At the present they are out in the wilds of Brazil searching for treasures for you! There will be more pictures soon in addition to what you'll see below, come back soon!)


The folks at Galleria Brazil are constantly driving, hiking and climbing in their search for unique crafts throughout Brazil. Below are represetative pictures of craftsmanship from the countryside of this South American country. They are numbered so when you contact the folks from Galleria Brazil they will know what you want. Every piece will differ slightly as they are all hand crafted. When you purchase that special gift for someone you can rest assured it is the only one exactly like it in the world! Prices will vary depending on what they are able to find and negotiate. They are doing their best to bring you these beautiful arts at the lowest possible prices.  


Crystal Sculptures

The following picture will show you the relative sizes of these crystal carvings. The instrument in the center is a jeweler's caliper.





Candle Holders

















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