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Hello from Key Largo. I'm 37 years old and lived in St. Johnsbury in the early 70s. Went to Arlington grade school. Is it still there? Went 3-6 grade. Would love to hear from anybody in St. Johnsbury, especially someone I might have known. Great job, Ed! Just came to visit family in Groveton and Stark in October.
Would love to move back there.

Melody Parks
Leesburg, FL
 Hello Ed, Love Lancaster, miss it real bad still read the Democrat though, keeps me up on the great news of the north.. Hello to Cousin John hope all is well great to see the Cathedral has a wonderful manager!! Can't
wait to meet all my new baby cousins!! Hope to come up for Labor Day hello to all the ol friends miss ya all so bad,especially the drivers who stop and let you walk. See you in September Kathy (Corvino) Coyle
Hello to the Copson's, Dottie at Butson's the Gross's and all miss ya soooo much especially when the mountians look like a bowl of Fruit Loops. Oh yeah Hello Rosanne
 Hello....LOVE your website....and am enjoying reading all about your adventures! Would love to move up there but couldn't find any listings for classifieds....can you help direct me? How about a singles page.....a lady alone up in them there woods isn't the best thing in the world.... : ) sign me 50+ and loving it!..... Mary Ann  I just found this site today (7-5-00) and haven't had the chance or time to see all.
For now, just thought I'd throw my name in.
Hope to hear from some of my childhood friends. Bob Boutin (Independence,MO)
 Very nice site. Thank you for sending it to me. I put it in my favorites. Joan ( We Americans are inventive, strong and enduring. Our quilting reflects the wonderful diversity. Thanks for sharing! Pat -Neapolis, Ohio 
 Jimmy & Lisa Breault  I am a member of the Poore family and was searching on my family tree and discovered this amazing site....
Janis Poore
 Hi! From Alaska, of all places. I have never been to New Hampshire, until now, that is. I have considered moving to New England, and I have to say that your site is the most comprehensive website I have come across, as far as researching an area to move to. If nothing else, I will come for a visit! What a wonderful area- you are fortunate to live in such a nice place. Pat Moss Accidently found your site while checking the links in the Fish & Game site. Wish I had found it earlier. I live in Wakefield, NH and have a camp in Pittsburgh on Prospect Mt. I wish there was work in that neck of the woods since I would very much like to live there. I have many close friends up there and I do not get to see them as often as I wish. I will be coming back to this page often. There isn't much about the north country that I do not like. Thanks for a wonderful site.
Pete Castine 

I am a native of Groveton who is now living in Alaska. I am in the Air Force and have been here for about a year and a half. I found your website and was very pleased to see a picture of the Covered Bridge. That
bridge is maybe a two minute walk from my house. When I was younger, myself, my brother and my friends would go fishing near that bridge. Those
pictures reminded me of home and my friends and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate them. Thanks again, Pat.
Hi Ed,
I am a native of Berlin, NH who has been living in Florida for 25 years. I haven't been "back home" since my 10th high school reunion in 1985. But I'm taking my family to the North Country in June of 2000. Your site has
really helped me get reacquainted with the area a bit as well as get my children excited about the trip. Over the past 3 years I've taken the kids to Europe to see the Alps, and North Carolina for the Great Smoky Mountains.
I thought it was now time to show them real splendor...The White Mountains!!!.
I not only appreciate your site for the content, but as a part-time commercial web designer, I can also appreciate the amount and quality of your work. I even found the house I was raised in on one of your Berlin panoramas.
I applaud you.
Ron Poulin (BHS class of 1975)
South Daytona, Florida 

Just wanted to say that your web site is great. It's so nice to see such a
comprehensive and positive representation of the great north woods! I was
born in the area and am teaching in Cairo. Now that I've found your web
site, I know I can check it to see pics of home whenever I feel the need.
Thanks. Heather Piche

What a wonderful thing you have done here.

It'll save me a lot of driving when I get homesick.
Marty Brown



Hi, I am Holly Lewis. I am originally from Lancaster, NH. I was checking
out you awesome and I mean awesome website. I now live in Charlotte, North
Carolina. I am a Forest Ranger for Mecklenburg County in NC. I was checking
out the history of logging on your website. I find the information here
great. The logging story written in Yankee slang is just great and the
photos even better. I had a couple of questions for you. Is the Grist Mill
in Whitefield where you cross the bridge near Jiffy Mart, headed towards

Ed's note: Yup.

I also had some questions about logging. Do you have any
information or pictures about Hells Gate at the Dartmouth College Grant? I
would be interested in the history?

Ed's note: Anybody?

And finally do you know or possibly know someone who may know what a Traveler is?
My great uncle has a traveler and he has given me a trivia question to find
out. The only this he would tell me I that it is used in Forestry.

Ed's note: Anybody? I want to know too.

Well, I commend you again for you website and thank you for your time. Looking at
your pictures is like being at home. Thanks again.
Holly Lewis

Hello Ed,
Thanks so much for the wounderful site. I was born in
Lancaster and grew up in both Lancaster and Groveton. What a walk down memory lane. I see my Mom and brother are already in your guestbook and what is funny is that I turned them on to your site so I figure it is about time for my entry. I am in Virginia Beach in the US Navy and for some reason, I don't care who you are, if you are from the North Country it always sticks with you. Thanks again Ed and I love those Panoramas! Hope to see some more pics of Groveton if possible. Brett

What a thrill to visit your site and see the house I grew up in on Main Street. It was just like being there in front of the library and looking across the street to where my Dad's Dr's Office, Dr. Yunghans, used to be. And the best part is sitting here in Florida looking at all that snow up north! I will have to email my brothers and sister and let them know about this site as we are all now out of the area. I am sure they will get as big a charge out of it as I did. Thanks so much. Ellen Yunghans. My email address is for anyone who would like to write.

I am like all the others that emailed you. I found your website by
accident and love it. I grew up in Lancaster and Groveton. Grandparents
from Jefferson we had camps at Neals Pond and Maidstone Lake. I moved away
when I turned 18 and graduated from Groveton High. I went into the Airforce
and am now in Virginia I do miss the snow and mountains but the pictures
helped me remember. Thanks Keith

I thoroughly enjoy your site. I graduated from Lancaster High School in
1967 and have been away from the area except for an occasional visit
with family in Groveton. This really brings back memories!! If anyone
remembers me, please E Mail me at Thanks again,
this is one of the best sites that I,ve seen on the net.

This has got to be the best Website I have come across. My Mother was born in Stratford, in 1901. Her Mother was a Parker born in 1884 in Pittsburg, NH and her father was a Morancy born in Groveton in 1873. Birth and death certificates signed by DR E.F. Brown, Groveton, NH. Because I never knew my Grand parent's and have never been to any of the New England States, I found the History section very interesting and now have a better understanding of their lives.
Thank you very much for sharing.
James Joy

I enjoyed the "spread" on our (Texas) governor.

The picture shows where I was a week ago!

I was in Egypt for two weeks, saw a lot of pyramids, temples, etc. and did a Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor. Son David is there for two years (until next summer.)

Dear Ed,
I really enjoyed your web site on Upton Maine. Growing
up my family had a cottage there and it was our
favorite place to go. We especially enjoyed the
Douglass family. I hadn't been back in over twenty
years and your web site gave me the desire to just go
back one more time.
My husband and I didn't visit anyone, the only people
I know there now are my ex-husband, Roger and his
The Judkins store was no longer a store, so there
really wasn't anywhere to stop. The Cemetery had a few
new names. John and Nelson Douglass, so young, and
Armand Lavallee, so old. Even though it was just a
quickie drive through, it brought back a lot of
memories and most of them were good. My parents have
passed away now and I remembered how much they enjoyed
the time they spent there. Their little cottage is
still there and it looks great, I love the blue color.

Thank you so much for taking the time to put Upton
Maine on the internet. I throughly enjoyed it and the
idea it gave me to go back. Upton was an important part of my past and maybe somebody will remember me or Nina and Harry Marsh.
Thanks again,

I am searching for the names of the Whitefield churches and what street they
are located on. I am looking for the church that Rev. William Thompson,
1913; Josiah Winslow, 1915; Daniel Gorman, 1924; & O. S. Danforth in 1891
would have been affiliated with.

Any help you could give me would be appreciated.
Thanks, Mary

I enjoyed your site. I grew up in the NorthCountry (Berlin and
Groveton). I have been away for twenty years. If any one recognizes my
name please e-mail me. Gene Hayward at Thanks

Greetings from Georgetown Ontario near Toronto in Canada. My name is Sam
Ward and I am a totally blind Internet user. The Internet is perhaps the
greatest thing that has ever happened to me. After living for 40 years or
so with only talking book cassettes to read, it is absolutely astounding to
have the whole world opened up to me, especially newspapers like the
Colebrook News and Sentinal and the Littleton Courier.

I truly love your website. Northern New Hampshire has been one of my
favorite places for years. Back in the mid 60's when my family lived in
Burlington, VT, my father worked for Gulf Oil and his job was to inspect
Gulf service stations throughout Vermont and about two thirds of New
Hampshire. Since I went to a school for the blind in the Boston area, I
didn't have many friends at home in Vermont so I'd get bored during summer
vacations. So I'd accompany my dad on his rounds of the Gulf stations, and
while he was working, I'd stay in the car and listen to the local radio
stations in the area. I would love to get some local people to record some
of the radio stations in northern New Hampshire in Plymouth, Littleton-St.
Johnsbury, Mt. Washington and especially Berlin. I am not as interested in
straight music programs as I am in local newscasts, community announcements,
and local telephone talk shows if they still exist. Also, if any former
granite state deejays have retired and have old tapes of their airchecks and
of radio station jingles from the era when I was up there which was between
1965 and 1972, I would really love to hear from you. Since WBRL 1400 in
Berlin is gone, I would especially like any recordings of that station. You
can e-mail me at either or
which also has voice capability. Ed, you truly have a GREAT WEBSITE. I
just discovered it today as a link off, but I'll be back here often.

Many thanks,

Sam Ward

I'm just passing through, riding a link from I-don't-know-where to hopefully finding my paternal ancestry.
Good luck in all that you do...we Poores' must stick together.

From Vacaville, California to All of you at the Poore Family Homestead in New Hampshire, "keep on keepin' on"
Doug Poore

Hi Ed,
Thank you so much for taking pictures of our Guild at our Quilt show at
the Brown House in Berlin. The Quilt show will be there until Ocotber 4Th.
This is a great website and I have added it to my list of favorites!!
Thanks Sylvia A Material Girl!!


Just to let you know my wife and I had the holiday of a lifetime in the
North Woods during the last week of July. The information on your website
was the essential ingredient in pre-planning what was a wonderful
experience. The signposts on I93 North came up reassuringly as you listed
them and I had advance warning of the exits: The Old Man Viewing area
(dang camera wouldn't work!) and the exit for Bethlehem/Franconia and
Whitefield. The rest area around the Tilton exit, where we stopped on our
way up from Boston was like a deja vu experience - I had already seen
photos of it on your site.

We stayed in the Mirror Lake Motel while there. I'm sure you're familiar
with it. We met and dined with Stan and Sandy Holz. We also went to
Lancaster, your home town. While Christina went looking for clothes shops,
I went exploring. The All Saints Church was a hive of activity. A tent was
constructed behind it and a band seemed to be tuning up for an afternoon's
entertainment. Walking up Bunker Hill street, I had another 'deja-vu',
this time in the sight of a Grumman motor home and several 'Amsoil' logo
stickers. The web addresses on the side and back of the car confirmed
suspicions! As it was about 11 o'clock on a Saturday morning, I felt you
deserved some undisturbed peace! Of course, I now know about 'the critter'
whose photo you posted on the site. I was touched by both the sculpture
and its inscription: 'erected in tribute to the men and women who redeemed
Lancaster from the wilderness...from their loyal children' Erected in 1911.
(I hadn't the camera, so I'm relying on memory). I was intrigued by the
sculpture of the wolf, it was movingly sad and I wondered why. A tribute
perhaps to that symbol of the wilderness which was displaced by human
settlement? The metal sculpture of the horse beside the centre of
Lancaster is a fine work and deserves prominence. I will be interested to
hear of its origins. Our visit to Lancaster was rounded off by a 10 minute
downpour, a scramble for shop front awnings for protection and a dash to
the car, parked across the road from the metal horse!

We travelled all over the area during our visit, to The Balsams and
Pittsburgh in the North, Littleton, the Mount Washington Hotel, the top of
Mt. Washington, by car, and a brief sortie into Maine. I renewed
aquaintance with Whitefield, whose appearance has changed remarkably
little, I was delighted to find. The Mountain View has seen better days,
but gladly, better days are to come for the venerable old building. They
were working on the kitchen section when I was there. It is nice to see
the pool area and the golf pavilion in action again. I even met a few
people in Whitefield and Twin Mountain who remembered incidents and people
that I rembered thirty years ago, when I worked there as a student.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I thank you for your part in
making it so through the information provided in your websites.

Sincerely yours,

Denis P. O'Mahony.

Hello Twin Mountain!!!

Just peeking in on my home town, all the way from Seattle, WA!
love the website and I like recognizing people. If anyone knows the
whereabouts of Jen Daniels, feel free to contact me.... Sincerely,
Nicole Frechette (one of Michele and Dick's kids)
<:visited></:visited> 0R

Hello from Limerick


Hoping you and yours are well. Summer must have fully arrived in your parts
by now. In fact, I hope to experience some of it for myself from July 21
to 31. Christina (my wife) and I decided we need a break, so we're heading
for the Great North Woods for a holiday and take in Boston at the end.

I'm looking forward very much to seeing the old places again and hopefully,
some new friends. Maybe I'll see the Saturn with the web address on the
back pass by! The big concern is not the stray moose, but the Boston
traffic between Logan and I93!

I see the Politically Correct Brigade have been on to you about the moose
section. Their intense, even neurotic evangelism does nothing but damage to
their cause.

I hope our paths will cross during our visit.

In any event, have a good Summer!

Denis P. O'Mahony.

Enjoyed your site. In this great state of New Jersey, we are distinctly
short of moose. Fortunately, we get up to New Hampshire frequently enough
to regain our proper moose/human perspective.

Hi Ed,

Recently, I lost all my bookmarkings and worried that I wouldn't get back to Whitefield on-line. I'm happy to find the site & updated with new photos of your majestic neighborhood. I was in your "neck of the woods" with my husband and children seeking my ancestral roots on two occasions in 1998. I had the pleasure of meeting the Whitefield Town Librarian, who was helpful and courteous; and I spent several fun days at the Whitefield Town Hall looking through old town registers and enjoying the delighful company of Joanna and Kathy. We also visited Lancaster, Littleton, and of course, the Weeks Estate.

I found, by the way, many of my Bartletts, Coles, Howlands (Hutchins, Huntoon, Gould) at the Kimball Hill Cemetery and many of my Danforths (Thayer, Todd, Emerson) at Pine St. I look forward to my next visit to the White Mountains. I plan to continue my search for ancestors but also want to meet a few more "live" Whitefield folks. Thanks for putting this page on the Web.

Diane Merrill Robertson E-mail:

Nice site. I enjoy looking at the fine pictures of my home town.

Russ Lowrey
Crofton, MD

Hi Ed,

I've been visiting your Great Northwoods site now for about 3 months. I found you when I started looking for real estate, when my daughter and son-inlaw decided to move from North Carolina to New Hampshire. They have since bought a house, and moved in last week. Its in Northfield, and they are some happy. They found the house on the internet at the Northern New England home finders web site.

My Wife Doreen and I are originally from Mass. We are now retired and live in western South Carolina, in the Smoky Mountain Foothills. You would think you were in your north country. Beautiful Mountains, crystal clear lakes and streams. Thousands of acres of protected state and federal lands. Lands that are CLEAR-CUT and replanted. Lands that abound in WILDLIFE of all kinds. Bear, White tail deer, Coyote, Wild boar, and Wild Turkey. The hunting and fishing is great. I won't tell you how many deer your allowed to bag each year, all your hunters will want to move down.

I want to compliment you on your fantastic web site. I have covered quite a bit of it in the past couple of months. We will be spending a month up there next summer camping, visiting the kids, and working on genealogy. My family started out in the Concord area back in the early 1800's.

Best Wishes,

Bob Rubel

Hi- I am from Cajun Country(Baton Rouge) Louisiana and will be visiting my brother in Dummer for the first time in summer. Looking for lodging in area- B&B etc. Will be bringing my daughters ages 4&7. Love your website. Great pictures to get us excited about trip! Being from the flatlands-swamps we will have to REALLY get in shape!!! My name is Marilyn-MARINGWIN@AOL

Dear Ed,

A quick note to say I just saw the latest photos on your site. It is the first comprehensive view I've had of Whitefield for decades and I loved it!

Whitefield looks like the picturebook Winter Wonderland. The happy pictures of the skaters and the white tree-lined landscape reminded me of Bruegel's 'Hunters in the Snow'.

Your pictures were taken during ever-lengthening evening shadows, marked by the advance of the town clock and the sequence was gloriously concluded by the photos of the star on the bandstand against the night sky.

No romantic seasonal snowscenes here in Ireland, just lashings of wintry rain and sleet.

Happy New Year.

E-Mail: Denis P. O'Mahony.


Thanks so much for a great web site. I was raised in Whitefield (childhood) from about 1946 to about 1955. Lived up on Maple St. The pictures brought back so many fine memories of my childhood. I still communicate with Helen Smith who is likely to out live everyone. She is unreal.

Keep up the good work and thanks so much for the memories.


Tom Thorpe


Finding your new section on the Mountain View was a double pleasure: for the memories it awakened and for the knowledge it's to be given a new lease of life.

Your pictures speak a thousand words: the details tell a sad tale of neglect, but the ravages of decay and disarray cannot dim the grandeur that is so palpable in the shots you took of the general structure. Some of the details I had forgotten, at least until the photographs jolted the memory. As you accompanied the Averills on the start of their odyssey of restoration, clicking as you went, I followed in a silent odyssey of my own, remembering: seeing here a clearly familiar sight, recalling there details I had since forgotten. There in the main lobby, I was introduced to Mr Pizzuoli, the Maitre d'Hotel, who offered me work in the kitchen for the Summer and early Fall of 1969... The Kitchen...the canopy over the stoves still hangs there, though not quite so horizontally as before! To the left, the Pantry counter remains, over which passed millions of calories of ice cream, sherbet, and countless other treats, now a shadow of the glory days...Through the entrance on the left - the workers dining area, exactly as I remember it...Then outside, the workers dormitories, the tennis courts. There was an outdoor swimming pool nearby, with underwater lighting. Perhaps it has gone? Then there was the water tower, still standing sentinel, and the observation tower. One of your photos from there show a glimpse of Mirror Lake. I remember the lake had plenty of crayfish. Happily, they were more scared of me than I of them when swimming there. No doubt, their descendants clatter among its murky shallows still, still fleeing from the occasional summer swimmer... All the photos from the tower show the distant mountains and, everywhere between, that great sea of trees, lapping up against the very boundary fences of the hotel and of every village and house in The Great Northwoods.

The news of the restoration must be causing some excitement in the locality. The project is bound to bring further prosperity in the form of services and tourist revenue to Whitefield and beyond. I wish the project well.

Finally, a happy Christmas to you and yours.

My sister also worked in the Mountain View for a summer season when in college. I'm sure she would love one or two photographic mementos too!

Sincerely yours.

E-Mail: Denis P. O'Mahony.

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