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Hunting and Fishing Guide

New Hampshire's only full time Registered Guide.

Backpack Tours, Day Hikes and Nature Walks
Wildlife Calling and Tracking
Hunting and Fishing Trips (up to 14 days)
Winter Camping, Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing Trips
Birding Expeditions (Watching and Identification)
Scenic and Wildlife Photography
Plant, Wildlife and Habitat Inventory and Identification
Trail Talks and Lectures

Northern Land Services

134 Maple Street, Bethlehem, N.H. 03574
(603) 869-2634

E-mail: iguide@ncia.net

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At age 10, Wayne began his career in the Audubon Society's Junior Naturalist Program. Since 1994, he has been involved full time in offering recreation and learning opportunities to the public. Generally, he serves 200-300 people (teens and adults) per year in small private groups or through such entities as the NH Fish and Game Services, Science Center of NH, The Waterville Valley Recreation Department, local summer camps and schools.

Unique Characteristics:

· New Hampshire's only full time Registered Guide.
· Only Registered NH Guide to use calls only to attract animals.
· Only Registered NH Guide who does Naturalist Interpretive Programs
· Only Naturalist that is also a NH Registered Hunting & Fishing Guide
· Only NH Registered Guide who does ecological, wilderness and natural photographic tours.
· Uncanny gift for understanding and interpreting the woods, environment and navigation through the landscape.

Wayne A. Derby

· Registered New Hampshire Hunting and Fishing Guide - RH#23 - RF#36
· Licensed White Mountain National Forest Outfitter Guide
· "Leave No Trace" Outdoor Ethics Master Training Certification · Wilderness First Responder
· Appalachain Mountain Club Instructor · Level "C" CPR Certified
· Wilderness Education Association Outdoor Leadership Certification
· Wilderness Education Association Wilderness Caretaker and Stewardship Certification
· Licensed Sportsman in NH/VT in archery, muzzle loading, fishing all species, hunting, and general firearms.
· Appalachian Mountain Club Wildlife Certification Courses (Moose, Bear, Wildcats, Tracking, Herpetology, Wildflowers)
· Appalachian Mountain Club NH Chapter Leadership Certification
· B.S. Environmental Science/Forestry, Nasson College, Springvale, ME, 1978.

· Entertainer and educator leading "Nature Walks and Talks" identifying mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds by sight and by call, habitat and plant life.
· Multiple award winner in game calling
· Cartographer: create maps for clients to utilize in orienteering or viewing wildlife in addition to inventorying plant species in an area.
· Naturalist: ecological and wilderness guide.
· Professional wildlife and scenic photographer.
· Clients' experiences are highlighted through sampling edible plants without disturbing the natural environment, illustrating usages of medicinal plants, and sampling self procured and processed wild meats.


· Outdoor Guides Association of North America
· Society for the Protection of NH Forests
° Appalachian Mountain Club
· National & NH Audubon Society
· National & NH Trappers Association
° Tread Lightly
· NH Fish & Game Volunteer
· Outdoor Network and Outdoor Prolink
· Wilderness Education Association
· "Leave No Trace"

Look for this sign on the right on NH route 142 a few hundred yards north of NH route 302 in Bethlehem. It's best to call or e-mail ahead though. (603) 869-2634

E-mail: iguide@ncia.net

RFD #1, Box 654
Gilmanton Iron Works,
NH 03837
March 18, 1999

To Whom it May Concern

I have know Wayne Derby for 27 years and have hiked, camped, fished and hunted with him on numerous occasions. He has always exhibited an uncanny sense of direction in the woods. He also has a vast knowledge of plants, trees and animals of the New England area that always keep our trips interesting. Wayne always exhibits extreme interest in, and care for the environment and it's preservation. His approach to outdoor education includes all this as well as survival skills and minimum impact camping instructions.

We have hiked off trail in mountainous terrain and Wayne can always bring us back to the exact spot we left the trail. We have scouted for moose, deer and bear in wilderness areas of New Hampshire using his map and compass skills to find spots we only knew existed because they showed on topographical maps. Any promising areas we found were easily returned to during the hunting season. I have never seen Wayne get lost. We have even hiked back to remote camping sights in the dark using his skills.

I have hiked, camped, fished and hunted with many different people over my lifetime. I can honestly say Wayne Derby is the most knowledgeable person I have been with. He is also the most comfortable and relaxed person I have ever seen in a woods setting.

I believe Wayne would make an excellent candidate for a WEA scholarship in outdoor leadership and instructor. He is an individual who would strive his best to uphold and teach proper and ethical outdoor behavior.


John L. Miller
Hunter Safety-Chief Instructor
Hunting and Fishing Columnist

Representative Class Descriptions:

· "Environmental Ethics and the LEAVE NO TRACE Philosophy"
This is a one or two day course at a minimum. It can also be as long as one week depending on the depth of knowledge and application desired. We learn how the seven points of the "Leave No Trace Philosophy" help us protect the environment. In all cases, we examine sites where we can discuss and apply these ethical environmental directives.

· "Biology and Life Cycles of the Wild Turkey, the Black Bear, the Moose, and the White
Tail Deer -- the large game species in New Hampshire" Each one of these four classes is one day in length. They involve the life cycle of each species through one year of their lives, from birth until the following year. We examine the changes that their environment and ecosystems go through and how they adapt their behavior to survive with those changes.

° "Tree and Plant Identification" Four hour class - participants learn the dominant species of all the story, under story, and ground cover.

· "Edible and Medicinal Plants"
Participants learn to identify and utilize plants that have edible or medicinal qualities for humans. We also discuss the proper techniques for gathering and harvesting these plants. The course can be a half or full day class. If there is enough time and resources are available, we apply our new knowledge and prepare a meal from the wild.

· "The Predator and Prey Relations"
A half day, hands-on course in which participants observe the physioIogies ofpredators and prey and explore how different physical characteristics have been adapted to their respective roles in the ecosystem.

"Tracking, Fishing, Archery, and Shooting"
These classes are designed for the novice who wants to develop an understanding of each discipline. All are hands on activities including initial class time followed by a field trip to exercise the acquired knowledge. In the tracking class, we learn to distinguish the signs that indicate which animals have passed through an area and who makes what footprints.

"Ecosystem Interrelationships"
This is either a half-day or a fuIl-day activity. Participants will be asked to learn and discuss the different environments that we have here in northern New Hampshire. When we have accomplished that, we will examine and discuss how all the ecosystems interrelate with one another and why they are necessary for each other's survival.

"Wilderness Education Association Philosophy"
Depending on the depth of knowledge and involvement that the participants want, this course can range in length from a three-day weekend to 30 days in the field. The Wilderness Education Association consists of 18 days. The course follows WEA and "Leave No Trace" ethics curriculum.

FAX 603-236-4947

January 7, 1997

To Whom It May Concern...

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Wayne Derby. I had the pleasure of getting to know Wayne during the summers of 1994 & 1995, while I was employed as the Director of Recreation for the Town of Waterville Valley, NH. The Town of Warorville Valley Recreation Department is a very unique municipal department, in that it services residents, property owners and numerous guests ofthe resort community. Being situated in the midst of the While Mountain National Forest allowed us to expand on environmental and outdoor programming. It was in this capacity that I came to know Wayne Derby.

Wayne was hired by our department to work with our enviromnental and outdoor programs. He led numerous "walk talks" and hikes for the department, and I believe he is still employed by them during the summer season. Wayne was responsible for taking groups sometimes family oriented, and sometimes adults; into our surrounding forest trails and meadows on informative nature walks and hikes. I found Wayne to be a highly enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable individual, with a genuine love of the environment and the outdoors, that he is eager to share with young & old alike. He is friendly and energetic and he was well liked by both participants and department staff members.

I think one of the nice things about Wayne and his approach to his nature programming is that he takes other peoples interests and experience levels into account when he shares his information. He is not 'pushy' or overbearing, and at times can be quite entertaining with his stories! He likes to share his experiences, his photography and his knowledge.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Wayne and his guiding services for a group or program. In fact, I have been in contact with Wayne regarding utilizing his services with group outings here at the Golden Eagle Lodge. I hope to be continuing my working relationship with him in my new position here. Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.


Claire E. Moorhead

Director, Group & Guest Services

The web geek's note (from Ed Sanders)

I've wanted to cross paths with Wayne Derby for some time now, having passed his truck beside the road many times and hearing of his legendary abilities. Someone e-mailed me asking where to find a guide up here, and the time had come. We lucked out, finding him at home, had a fascinating duscussion, and are now helping you find a fellow who should be able to ensure a great time in the outdoors for you.

Wayne can relate whatever you want to know about the woods and what's there in great fashion. He has a depth of knowledge and ability to convey it that I truly admire. Please don't expect too much from him in the way of e-mail from him though. We all have our specialties in life, and while he excells far beyond most of us with the spoken word and outdoor knowledge, the written version isn't his game.

Just schedule a day, a week, or whatever you can with him, I'm sure you'll be pleased!

Northern Land Services

134 Maple Street, Bethlehem, N.H. 03574
(603) 869-2634

E-mail: iguide@ncia.net

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