Israel's River Trading Post

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Israel's River Trading Post

Main Street

Lancaster, NH 03584


The gold dome on the roof got a fresh coat of paint in the summer of 1999. Now the place is REAL easy to find! There's Murray in the door waving to you.

He has all kinds of antiques waiting for you to peruse.

The Trading Post is right on
NH route 2 and NH route 3 where they join for about a mile in Lancaster.

Murray wondering what in the heck the guy with the camera is doing across the street.

In the summer you can get a welcome drink of cool water from the fountains on main street. There's one right in front of Israel River Trading Post!

A block from The Israel River Trading Post is a bridge over Israel's River. The river was named after one of Murray Glines' ancestors, Israel Glines who was one of the first explorers to visit Coos County.

Take a look at: to see some pictures Murray has graciously shared with us of Franconia Notch in 1923 and 1924.  

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Link to NH Route 3

Link to NH Route 2



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