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The Miller's Thumb 4 Main Street Greensboro, Vermont 05841 802-533-2960 1-800-680-7886 The Miller's Thumb was picked by the editors of Yankee Magazine's Travel Guide to New England as best of the region. The Millers Thumb is featured as an "Editors' Pick" in the 1999 Yankee Magazine's Travel Guide to New England. The Miller's Thumb was included among local restaurants, lodging, attractions, museums, and shops, that, according to the travel experts at Yankee Magazine's Travel Guide, are not to be missed. The Miller's Thumb was recognized for their superb collection of Italian pottery, Vermont crafts, women's clothing and many distinctive household and garden accessories. Shop owner, Anne Brigham masters a subtle sophistication and a touch of whimsy with her sterling selection of antiques, worldly goods and Vermont treasures. As one customer put it, "this place is nirvana". "We are delighted to select The Miller's Thumb as one of this year's "Editors' Picks", said Mel Allen, editorial director of the Yankee travel products. "With so many unique and diverse places to choose from, we felt the Miller's Thumb is especially worthy of a traveler's stop." The Miller's Thumb was also praised for their high quality of service to the traveling public. "Don't miss the view of the stream beneath the floor of this converted mill." The shop is open daily year-round. Take a look at the old millstone in the walk by the door as you come in. It's great to see old mill components put to practical use where you can still see them! Grains to be ground were fed down through the center of the stone. The oats, wheat, corn and other grains worked their way through the grooves and between the stones towards the outside of the stones as the upper stone turned. Power to turn the stone came from a water wheel or turbine. The force of the weight of the water provided the horsepower necessary to do the work. This historic old building has now been beautifully restored for your enjoyment while shopping. A hundred and fifty years ago it provided food for the folks in the area and their livestock. Now it provides food for the soul as you browse. Direct importers of Italian ceramics. E-Mail: You'll find Anne ready to help you! How many can you find in this panorama? Scroll to the right and see! A painting of the Millers Thumb you'll find upstairs. One of the wheels from the old grain elevator is upstairs. Why not come to Greensboro and the Millers Thumb and enjoy shopping or finding that perfect gift for someone you care about? You'll be glad you did! Speed limits are a little higher today. You can come to the Millers Thumb and enjoy a slower pace of life and shopping for a change! Copyright 1999 by Ed Sanders.