1. Samuel (1) PACKARD (1) was born about 1612 in Immigrated to Hingham MA in 1630. He died on Jul 11 1684 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., MA. He was christened in Washburn Family Foundations (ref).(2)

He was married to Elizabeth (STREAM??) before 1684. Elizabeth (STREAM??) was born in Last name is conjectural. Samuel (1) PACKARD and Elizabeth (STREAM??) had the following children:

child+2 i. Hannah (2) PACKARD.
child3 ii. Israel (2) PACKARD was born in son of Samuel the Immigrant. He (or she) died in Was Trooper 1671.(3)
child+4 iii. Jael (2) PACKARD.
child+5 iv. Deliverance (2) PACKARD.
child6 v. Jane PACKARD.
child+7 vi. Mary (2) PACKARD.
child+8 vii. Samuel (2) PACKARD Ensign.
child+9 viii. Thomas (2) PACKARD.
child+10 ix. Nathaniel (2) PACKARD.
child+11 x. Elizabeth (2) PACKARD.
child+12 xi. Deborah (2) PACKARD.
child13 xii. Abigal PACKARD was born in 1651. She died in Hingham, P, MA.
child+14 xiii. John (2) PACKARD.
child+15 xiv. Zaccheus 2 PACKARD.

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