1. William ROBINSON (1) was born about 1640. From A Historical Sketch of the Robinson Family: Page 17:

Shrouded in the mists of the far past, it has been difficult to obtain with any certain knowledge of the personality of "William of Newton", sometimes called "William of Watertown." The few facts cited here have been obtained with more difficulty than all contained in the remainder of this little book. There is no record of the birth of William Robinson in Massachusettes Colony. There is one tradition that he came from Bristol, England, which could easily arise if he sailed from that port, but the tradition of the family of Ebenezer Robinson is that he came from the north of England.

In the records William RObinson is styled sometimes "of Watertown, sometimes "of Cambridge" and sometimes "of Newton." This confusion is not difficult to understand when the uncertain boundaries of the early towns are kept in mind.

Watertown is the oldest of these towns. As early as Sept. 7, 1630, less than ten years after the landing of the Pilgrims, "The Court ordered that the town upon the Charles River be called Watertown." It was the fourth town formed in the Massachussettes Bay Colony, and next to Dorchester was the earliest to keep formal records. ("Watertown Records, prepared for publication by the Historical Society, Watertown, 1894."

When Cambridge was formed, part of Watertown was given to it, and William Robinson lived in that part of Cambridge called Cambridge Village, which afterwards became Newton. His farn lay on along the south bank of the Charles River, separated by it from the Watertown of his time.

All three towns, Watertown, Cambridge and Newton, have records more or less complete of William Robinson and his family. Evidently he was a freeman of Cambridge Village, which later became Newton, so we prefer to call him "William of Newton".

The record of the children of William and Elizabeth Robinson is best preserved in the History of Cambridge, L. R. Paige, page 644.

He was married to Elizabeth CUTTER (daughter of Richard CUTTER and Elizabeth WILLIAMS) about 1667 in America.(2) Elizabeth CUTTER (3) was born on Jul 15 1673. William ROBINSON and Elizabeth CUTTER had the following children:

child+2 i. William ROBINSON.
child+3 ii. Samuel ROBINSON.
child+4 iii. Jonathan ROBINSON.
child+5 iv. Elizabeth ROBINSON.
child6 v. Hannah Ann ROBINSON(4) was born on Jul 13 1671. She died on Oct 5 1672.
child7 vi. Mercy ROBINSON(5) was born on Aug 7 1676.
child8 vii. David ROBINSON was born on May 23 1678. From A Historical Sketch of the Robinson Family:

Born lame and helpless.

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