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The Shrine of Our Lady of Grace is on NH Route 3 in the town of Columbia, NH. It was begun in 1948 as a monument of thanksgiving to Our Lady of Grace for 25 years of blessings and protection of the Oblates in northern New Hampshire. Now, over 50 monuments adorn the grounds and tell artistically of God's love for his people. For anyone who spends the time, the Shrine offers deep insights. The artwork is exceptional, mostly in carrara marble and granite, and over 125 faces tell the story.

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U.S. OMIs ON-LINE (Webmaster's note: This is an excellent history of the Oblates and what they are doing today. I'm not Catholic and I don't necessarily agree with their doctrine, but if you ask me these folks are doing a great deal that needs to be done. Most "charitable" and "religious" organizations today leave me jaded by the obnoxious salaries and perks or their "corporate officers" and hired help. Most of their effort goes into fund raising and lining their own pockets. From what I see of the Oblates though, they are for real and doing it right. Consider this section of the web site my contribution to them. If you are looking for some folks who should get your contributions, it's the Oblates. I don't normally comment much about off site links, but after looking theirs over I felt I had to.)
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1998 Powwow at the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace

The word OBLATE has the same origins as "oblation". It means a person whose life, by special dedication, is offered in service to the Lord.

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