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NH 16

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If you want a place with no stray man-made light for astronomy you might like to com to the Great North Woods of northern NH..

There is no electricity in the Diamond River valley. The Dead Diamond is an easy drive in with a 4X4 with enough ground clearance. You can see our trip in to the area at:

The closest place to stay is :

(The Magalloway Inn, a Bed and Breakfast)

Another place to stay is:

(The Bayview Bed and Breakfast)

The Bayview is a little further south from the dark area.

There are several open spots along the road to set up with absolutely NO glare from lights from anywhere!

We came out after dark and it WAS dark!

Of course you may have to deal with a moose or coyote tripping over your telescopes, but what a memory for later!

The more I think about it, that valley is probably the only one with absolutely no stray man made light around in this part of New England that you can drive into. I'm sure there are more WAY up in the boondocks of Maine, but none as close to drive to with a place to stay nearby.
Directions: NH route16 north to Maine 16, after the second bridge over the Magalloway River in the middle of a right curve, bear slightly left on the gravel road. (you're back in New Hampshire) At the next intersection, go left or right, good viewing areas both ways. To the right a car will do, the left 4X4 with ground clearance due to a few washed out culverts.

I think the left (really straight) is the best way to go as the chance of a vehicle coming along and ruining night vision is far lower. After passing the washouts and beaver dams in the road all we saw were moose and deer tracks. Unfortunately the timber companies will probably repair the roads though.

Even in the Northeast Kingdom of VT where there are a lot of remote areas, all that I can think of would still suffer from some unwanted light.

If you're into water sports this is a perfect area for that with the Dead Diamond, Swift Diamond, Magalloway and Androskoggin rivers, Lakes Aziscoos, Umbagog, Richardson, the Pontook and a LOT more.

(Not responsible for stuck or destroyed vehicles, lost parties, moose-stomped telescopes, cloudy nights, beaver and porcupine chewed wooden telescope equipment, or anything else that goes wrong).

A side trip to the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury, VT would be in order to visit their planetaruim with an antique projector.
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link to New Hampshire route 16

NH 16

Off Site Links

Check here for astronomy clubs in your area to join. Then come to northern NH and ME for dark skies!

 Gary Meehan's Home Page

Stargazing Parties:

As a member of the North Shore Amateur Astronomy Club, he can be found observing on many clear Saturday nights from the grounds of the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. This is where he holds star parties, in the spirit of enlightening people to the amazing sights that are strewn about the heavens. We look at a range of objects, including the rings of Saturn, the craters and mountains on the Moon, distant galaxies, and much more.

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