1. Joshua WHEELER(1) was born in 1637 in prob. in Cranefield, England. He died on Feb 4 1725 in Central Village, CT.. Mark Waite, Calais and Woodbury historian, did a rather extensive
study of the Wheeler line from which Joel, Julius, and Raymond were
descended and was kind enough to share his findings with Doris Wheeler
Gallison (and now with you via Ed Sanders). From Palinfield, CT vital
records he traced the line to Isaac, son of Joshua.
In "My Gene Book-Genealogy of Wheelers", 1575 to 1981 - by Ruth
Sarah Lipsey Wheeler, Doris Wheeler Gallison found a Joshua Wheeler
who had a son Isaac in the correct time frame. Here it is stated that
Obadiah and Sussanah Wheeler came from England to America in 1639 with
their first child Joshua and settled in Concord. Seven more children
were born to the couple.
On this premis, plus the fact that he was the first to start a
family in America Doris Wheeler Gallison has chosen to mark Joshua as
generation I of this Wheeler family line.
The following is a preface by Doris Wheeler Gallison (as well as the
above which I slightly re-worded to make sense) from the document she
researched and wrote from which most of the Wheeler and Ainsworth
information was derived for this part of the genealogy.

This document is an attempt to collate information, pictures and
related items I have found in the past few years cancerning the
Wheeler family. There seemed to be too many things of interest to be
ignored, yet it has become evident that there are many missing links.
It is my hope that anyone who reads the following pages will
contribute related items, memories and facts of the past as well as
the present to make the history more complete for future generations.
And a note from Ed Sanders:
It is important to update this as events unfold such as births, deaths
and marriages. I would appreciate it if those of you reading this do
so. I will forward new info to Doris Wheeler Gallison as well as the
others noted elsewhere working on Sanders/Wheeler/Brazier genealogies.
That way when I croak, the info will be available from others. Also,
would anyone else who is interested in carrying this on please contact
me. You will hopefully have an IBM compatible 386 or better computer.
As of July 1995 I can be reached at: Ed Sanders 36 Bunker Hill St.
Lancaster, NH 03584
603-788-3626 E-Mail: Web Site:

He was married to Elizabeth in 1662. Elizabeth(1) was born in 1635. She died on Feb 12 1715. Joshua WHEELER and Elizabeth had the following children:

child+2 i. Isaac WHEELER.
child3 ii. Joshua WHEELER(1) was born on Mar 28 1663 in Concord, MA. He died on Nov 18 1666 in Concord, MA.
child4 iii. Timothy WHEELER(1) was born in 1665 in Concord, MA. He died on Dec 6 1666 in Concord, MA.

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